You start a business but it isn’t exactly what you wanted before?

Do you think maybe it just isn’t for you?

I know how you feel. I’ve been too. 

Worrying about what will happen tomorrow and trying to find out how the heck I will pay my bills. 

Working 24/7 to get more (hopefully paying) clients, posting in blogs and FB groups, and spending a lot of money for advertising.  

Until one day I screamed at my pillow and I decided to change it. 

I stop the hurry-scurry. I spent 200+ hours to find the right system for recreating and scaling my business. I went to every biz workshop in the city. I talked with every CEO and entrepreneur who was ready to teach me.  

Now every month I break my new income record.

Do you want the same?

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It is a method with 5 parts.

They are: 

  1. Entrepreneur attitude
  2. Business Knowledge
  3. Technical skills
  4. Marketing
  5. Social Media

These aren’t separated parts they are intertwined with each other like tendrils.

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Every success starts with people. This is an adventure and you need your power to do it till the end. 

So I will help you create an entrepreneur attitude based on your personality. What does it mean?

  • You will find your real niche based on your WHY.
  • Learning some self-care
  • LearnWhat are your tasks? What are your teammates’ tasks?
  • Your best friend: DEA: Delegate, Eliminate, Automate
  • Learning critical thinking
  • Learning communication
  • CEO mindset
  • Leaders knowledge
  • How to avoid the impostor syndrome
  • How to work with different cultures? 
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  • Market research, it’s time to know your customers’ needs
  • Ideal Clients – know your customers
  • How to build a project?
  • Business Canvas Model
  • Sales rhombus – good to know when your launch
  • Business plan – Create a business plan that sets you apart and puts you 5 years ahead
  • Pricing – What is the good price and package?
  • Launch strategy – How to start the sells?
  • Pitch – How to speak about your offer?
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  • WordPress use – build your amazing webpage, which can sell
  • Autopilot – work less earn more
  • Asana – Clear your task
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  • Landing page – How to show your offer
  • Social Media Marketing – How to reach more people?
  • Email Marketing –  Connect with customers.
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  • Lazy system – How to recycle your post on other platforms
  • Soc Med. post plan – What to post and when
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  • Business audit – Test your biz before launch
  • Google calendar template – You can steal a CEO calendar
  • Insta stories + templates – Post for the beginning
  • Insta # system – Which is the right # for you?
  • How to say no